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Agencies Focus on New Ways to Have a Greater Impact on Those We Serve 2.3.2020

At this year’s agency conference, agency partners worked together to learn about various population groups within our community. By brainstorming with other agency members of various backgrounds and client focus, we developed solutions to help people overcome barriers that prevent them from fulfilling their needs to end hunger. In addition to this interactive networking opportunity, agencies also learned about changes coming up at the food bank.

At the conference participants were also asked to create a bumper sticker that had an inspiring message to invite others to join our mission to end hunger within our community. The winner of the bumper sticker challenge is Lisa Keay from GraceLife Food Pantry (left) and the runner up is Ranisha Pitts from Bethesda House (right). Congratulations to both partners for inspiring others to join our mission of ending hunger!


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